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The Finest Military Rings Out There. Period.

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Military rings by Carroll Collection of US Eagle Rings

Military rings and US eagle rings for all branches of the Armed Forces
Designs by Mike Carroll

"I did not want to design military rings fashioned after the emblematic style class rings seen currently on the market," said Mike Carroll, creator and designer of Carroll Collection. "I wanted to design military rings with classic and strong imagery depicting the symbols of the American bald eagle as specific to each branch of the Armed Forces. I wanted to design my military rings so that a person could continue to wear and pass it down to future generations as a tribute to the history, culture and heritage of The United States. My eagle ring collection salutes the dedicated men and women who serve(d) in the Armed Forces, and also recognizes the everyday citizen, who loves their country and is proud to show it."

All of Carroll Collection's military rings designs are original and exclusive designs of The Carroll Collection of US Eagle Rings. Each design is copyrighted and registered in the United States Library of Congress. Their military rings and eagle rings are individually handcrafted and hand-polished to their exacting standards using the 'lost wax casting method', a process used by the finest jewelers in the world. Available in sterling silver, 10k gold, 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, 18k white gold or 18k yellow gold, all of Carroll's military rings and eagle rings are made in the USA and manufactured in Illinois.

The Carroll Collection of military service rings began fifteen years ago with their Great Seal ring, designed after the Great Seal of The United States. The latest of their military rings designs is their Air Force ring. Each of Carroll's military rings carries a different significance of the bald eagle in the military history of America.

To order one of Carroll's military rings on,you can call, email or fax an order. "We are currently adding new designs to their collection. We stand behind every transaction. Guaranteed 100%," says Carroll.

Mike Carroll is the creator and designer of The Carroll Collection of US Eagle rings. He and his wife, Maribeth are the owners, operators and manufacturers of The Carroll Collection in Prairie View, IL, a small town in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL. They offer an unconditional guarantee on the quality and workmanship of all of their military rings.

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Marine Corps ring
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Coast Guard ring
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Colonel Captain ring
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Army ring,
Old Abe

What Our Customers Say About Our Military Rings...

Mike, I've been driving a local jeweler crazy for about seven months going through
his fi
ve or six 40 year old castings catalogs from the major jewelers in New York and New Jersey, but all he could find was the eagle on the WWII jacket buttons. I found your company on the net and I haven't looked back.. Old Abe rrived yesterday and I'm blown away. It's beyond anything I'd ever expected.
When we guys approach jewelry, it's best done very carefully - there's lots of garbage out
there and not much a vet or patriot would really consider wearing regularly. Your rings are
in the area of fine sculpture and I can't believe regular folks can just purchase one. I don't
have to tell you this stuff - you already know how far ahead you are from your competition - 45 years of men's rings castings catalogs couldn't touch your stuff. I'm grateful and will be ordering something else in the near future. Scott I. Oxford, AL

Mike, I received my Marine Corps ring in less than 5 working days from the time of order. It is the best piece of jewelry I have ever seen. You are a true craftsman. This will definitely be a big hit at the VFW. I know there will be more orders for you once I show this off. Thanks again and God bless. D. Briglin, Rochester, NY

I received the USAF ring today, and it is truly impressive. The intricate design and detail are exceptional, and the craftsmanship and finish are excellent. I am sure my son will be very proud of it. Again I commend you on your fine work and service. I would appreciate your sending me a catalog for future reference. Best Regards.
O. Vaughan, Elkhart, IN

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Navy ring, Mariner
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Aviator ring
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Army ring, Great Seal
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