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Patriotic rings by Mike Carroll
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Smithsonian Air & Space
World War II History

Robb Report Collection

Republic eagle ring
Republic eagle ring in sterling silver

What Our Customers Say...

Mike, Received my Republic ring today and it is magnificent. I had been looking for a ring for the past 20 years or so and am very pleased to say that this ring is exactly what I had hoped to find. The craftsmanship and fit are superb. Thank you!!
M. Menth, CDR USN (RET), Shorewood, MN

Mike & Molly,
What can I say.......Wow! Actually I said Wow twice.....The first "Wow" was because of the service. Ordered it on Monday and received it that Friday. The second and most important "Wow" was when I opened the box. The quality and look of the Marine ring is truly outstanding ... it really is beautiful and rest assured it will be worn with pride. I'm glad I went with the 18k yellow gold. I feel like a young Marine again. Thank you both very much. A.F. McMahon, USMC 65'-68'


Our Full Collection by Mike Carroll
Displayed in sterling silver
Available in 10k, 14k & 18k gold or white gold
  Air Force ring
Heaviest Military Ring
air force ring, sterling   Legacy eagle ring
Gift By Will
mens rings Legacy
Air Force ring -New
Today's Emblem
sterling silver ring, Air Force ring   Liberty eagle ring
Early American Icon
mens rings and women rings
Aviator ring
Kick The Tires, Light The Fires!
Military rings, Aviator   Marine Corps ring
The Original, The Finest
Military rings Marine Corps
American eagle ring
Show Your Colors!
mens rings America   MCA ring
Marine Corps Association
MCA ring
  Army ring 
Insignia of US Army
Military rings Army   Mariner's Navy ring
The Seafarer's s Ring
Navy rings, Mariner
  Centennial eagle ring
Over 100 Years of Tradition
mens rings Centennial   Navy ring, 1st Naval
Anchors Away!
Navy ring, 1st Naval
  Centurion ring
Classic Roman Influence
eagle ring, Centurion eagle
  North eagle ring
3D Mini-sculpture
sterling silver eagle ring, North eagle
  Coast Guard ring
U.S. Coast Guard
Coast Guard ring   Old Abe ring
Historic, Heavy, Impressive
Military rings Old Abe
  Colonel Captain ring
Known as "Sir" or "Mam"
Military rings Colonel  Captain   Patriot eagle ring
Love Of Country
eagle rings Patriot
  Defender eagle ring
A Serious Display of Power
eagle rings Defender   Phoenix eagle ring
Born From Flames
mens rings Phoenix
  Freedom eagle ring
Built To Last A Lifetime!
mens rings Freedom
  Republic eagle ring
A Timeless Design
mens rings Republic
  Glory eagle ring
Deeply Carved Tradition
glory eagle ring   Senator eagle ring
100% United States
Jewelry rings Senator Ring
  Great Seal ring
Our First Ring
military rings, Great Seal   Sentry eagle ring
Known For Our Strong Designs
Military rings Sentry

Heritage Navy ring
Sure To Be Passed Down

Navy Rings, Heritage   Standing eagle ring
Exceptional Ring
eagle ring, Standing eagle
  Independence eagle Ring
Wherever You Go,
This Ring Will Be Recognized
Military rings Independence Ring   Union eagle ring
Cast For A Lifetime
eagle ring, Union Eagle

Laureate eagle ring
Ancient Elegance

eagle ring, Laureate  

Washington eagle ring
One In Every Pocket

eagle ring, Washington eagle
Personalized Designs Below
  SPQR eagle ring
Influenced by Ancient Rome
SPQR ring in sterling silver  

WPPS eagle ring
World Protection Services

WPPS ring
  Ring designs above are available with a blank panel for your personalization

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