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SPQR jewelry ring by Mike Carroll

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Mike Carroll
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SPQR ring in Sterling
SPQR ring in 14k gold
SPQR ring in sterling silver
SPQR ring in 14K gold
SPQR ring
Influenced by the ancient Rome, we created our SPQR ring to represent the ancient Roman Empire's symbolism shown at the base of the eagle standard carried by the legions. Our exclusive SPQR jewelry ring design features a highly sculpted eagle surrounded by a detailed wreath of laurel leaves bearing the SPQR emblem. Heavy in weight, rich in detail with quality hand-craftsmanship to stand the test of time, our SPQR ring is 'A love of all things Roman'
Rome set the standard and laid the foundation for modern Western civilization, from its legendary founding in 753 BCE to 330 CE - when it ceased to be the center of Imperial authority. SPQR was the motto and the official monogram of the Roman Republic, in the same way that US or USA represents the United States. SPQR was inscribed on the base of the Legion's eagle standards, after the reforms of Marius, which created a professional military and did away with other Roman legion symbols.
SPQR - Senatus Populus Que Romanus (Latin) - The Senate and People of Rome
SPQR jewelry ring pricing
All of our eagle rings are custom made, solid and heavy in weight. Our gold prices are subject to change with the market fluctuations. Please call us or check our current gold prices.

Solid Sterling Silver (approx. 26.3 grams) $
10K Yellow Gold (approx.32.9 grams)
14K White or Yellow Gold (approx. 36.50 grams)
18K White or Yellow Gold (approx. 40.6 grams)

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What Our Customers Say...

Mike, I just received today your SPQR Ring. It is a Masterpiece. It is amazing how proud it makes me to wear this ring. Your rings changes peoples’ personalities. It is unbelievable great. I sure I will return for good to buy the 18k Gold one. Thank you so much again. O. Kemper, Orlando, FL

I received the ring on Saturday and it's a stunning piece. Beautifully made. Thanks. A. Burman, Forest Hills, NY

I received my SPQR ring and I had to call you to let you know how happy I am with it. I am a jeweler and I KNOW the ring is FABULOUS. It is an absolute work of art! Nobody out there is selling a military ring of the weight and size. Not even close. The picture doesn't do it justice. Keep up the good work!
Robert G., Covington, NY

Mike, received my SPQR ring. It is a beautiful ring, with excellent detail and craftsmanship. The photos do not do it justice. And thank you for the rapid delivery, the ring arrived right on time for my anniversary. Best of luck to you, and to your boys. T. Denitzio, Scotch Plains, NJ

Just a quick note to let you know that I received my SPQR ring today. It truly is a fine ring and I will be proud to wear it from now on. Regards. Richard Leger

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